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At Estes Park Dental, we work as a team to provide patients with complete satisfaction – in service and clinical care. Dr. Rauk and all of us at Estes Park Dental have developed the kind of environment to help you feel cared for and comfortable. Our entire team is committed to treating you with compassion, empathy, and excellent care. Before your initial appointment, please download and complete registration forms.

Dental crowns restore shape, function, and strength to a structurally damaged tooth. Extensive tooth decay or damage, such as a fracture, may necessitate a crown. These restorations are done with health, function, and aesthetics in mind. Dr. Rauk will recommend the best material for your crown based on esthetics and functions. Front teeth, for example, can usually be treated with an attractive, all-porcelain crown. Molars, which incur intense occlusal pressure can also be restored with full porcelain zirconium crowns that have proven to be more resistant to fracturing than natural teeth. 

Crowns usually take two appointments. At your first visit, Dr. Rauk will prepare your tooth, make an impression, and place a temporary crown. You will wear the temporary while a dental lab creates your custom restoration. On your second visit, Dr. Rauk will remove your temporary and permanently attach your permanent crown. If necessary, he will adjust the crown to ensure proper occlusion and fit.

What if my temporary falls off or breaks?

We find this to be a very infrequent occurrence. Our custom-fabricated temporary crowns are placed with a durable cement and are very strong and comfortable. Patients frequently joke that they would like to just keep the temporary crown permanently. If a temporary crown did fracture, since it is not as strong as the permanent crown material, do not go without your temporary for any length of time. If your prepared tooth were to change shape by fracturing due to a missing temporary crown, the permanent crown may not fit properly. Feel free to call our dental office or Dr. Rauk’s cell phone for assistance in any dental emergency.

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