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Dr. Rauk,
We have returned to Maine after our vacation in Colorado. Jane is doing much better since she fell fracturing her teeth. Swelling has gone down considerably. The oral surgeon here said you did a fantastic job - said he couldn't have done better without general anesthesia.

 Thank you so much for everything you did . Your kindness was amazing and very much appreciated. 

Nancy B.
South Portland, Maine 

Dear Dr Rauk & staff,
Thank you so very much for helping my sister with her dental needs while we were in Estes Park. You & your staff went well beyond kindness & hospitality. Thanks for seeing her after hours on December 5th & then again on December 9th. Thank you for helping her overcome her fear of dentist. Our Lord bless you and keep you; the Lord make His face shine upon you & be gracious to you; the Lord turn His face toward you & give you peace. Numbers 6:24-26

To Whom It May Concern,
Dr. Daniel Rauk has been our family dentist for many years. All of that time he has cared for our dental needs in a superb way. His dental abilities are poetry in motion. He is a great compliment to the dental profession. We recommend him without qualification.

Merritt & Margaret Brown

Dr. Rauk and Staff,
On July 14th, my daughter Amanda was brought into your office after sustaining a mouth trauma in a cycling accident while vacationing
with her church group.

Just wanted to say a huge “Thank You” for providing exceptional dental care AND combining it with compassion and caring.

I was traumatized by the potential pain and loss Amanda might have to endure but it’s a testimony to all of you that we have turned the corner and have a good chance to save her teeth. Without you, this wouldn’t have been possible. Her mother and I are very grateful.

Papillion, NE

Since the fall of 1991 when we moved to Estes Park, Dr. Rauk has been our dentist. He has consistently provided our family with the very best of dental care. Therefore we could always have the utmost of confidence in Dr. Rauk and his staff.

When our son had to have his wisdom teeth extracted Dr. Rauk advised an oral surgeon should remove the lower ones because there could be nerve damage. Our son's decision was only Dr. Rauk would extract the teeth - which was done with perfect results.

Over the years it has always been a comfort to know without a doubt we have the very best of dentists.

Allen and Mary Settje

I tried using a night guard about 20 years ago and it was too big and uncomfortable. Over the past months my grinding and clenching got worse and I had nearly constant headaches and my jaw mobility was so limited I couldn't yawn.

Dr. Rauk suggested the NTI and when he explained how small it is, I decided to give it a try. What a difference! The NTI has been literally life changing. The first night I didn’t sleep well because I wasn’t used to it, but after that, it didn’t disturb my sleep at all. The headaches disappeared, I regained full mobility of my jaw, and something else unexpected happened. I had had a lot of neck and shoulder pain and restricted movement. After about ten days using the NTI, these problems disappeared.

I can recommend using an NTI.


A word of thanks to Dr Rauk, his hygienist, and staff for the successful root canal therapy and the advice and counsel so generously provided. I appreciate the extra time you took to answer my many questions. If you consider semi-retirement in the near future, I hope you’ll consider Green Valley, AZ.

Sincere thanks,
Jan M.

Dr. Daniel Rauk and staff,

I would like to thank you for the excellent dental care I received from all of you for many years. I am so privileged to be your patient. In the past, I had a bad experience in Kazakhstan. You help me to believe and see that painless dentistry is possible.

Dr. Daniel Rauk, you are a wonderful dentist, caring and so gentle.

May God abundantly bless you in every way.

Thanks again,
Natalia Poysti

I have been using my Night Guard (“NTI”) for quite some time now and I have noticed I no longer wake up with headaches or jaw pain from grinding my teeth. I never knew how much damage I was doing to my teeth until I tried the night guard. I highly recommend using one they are a convenient way to take the extra ‘bite out of pain” and a huge Thank You to Dr. Rauk and his awesome staff for their wonderful care and knowledge.


Dear Dr. Rauk,

I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know what a wonderful job you did on my root canal. I have never had a more smooth, gentle dental procedure in my life! I had absolutely no problems and extremely minor discomfort both during and after, in fact I went to school just after and did fine. Thank you so much.

Sincerely, L.B.

The NTI Plus helped to relieve my jaw pain in only 3 days. I did not expect such a quick relief to my jaw pain considering how much it had been hurting. This is a wonderful appliance. It is very small and easy to use. I will be recommending this to my daughter who has jaw pain as well as migraine headaches.

Gill T.

Dr. Rauk and Staff,
I just wanted to thank each and everyone of you for your compassion and great service. Your staff is awesome! And Dr. Rauk you have put a "Big Smile back on my face!' Many Blessings to each of you.

Donna McCleary

I have spent 15 years as a certified dental assistant working for several outstanding dentists and, therefore, believe that I have qualifications to determine what is and what isn't good dentistry. Dan is a superior dentist. He has made bridges (fixed) for me as well as other restorative dentistry. His office personnel is well trained, personable and extremely efficient. I would be glad to recommend Dan's services to anyone and, indeed, I do recommend him whenever asked.

Joyce Bennett

Our family loves the Estes Park Dental staff. They are all genuinely friendly and efficient no matter what time of day we are in for a visit. Dr. Rauk is a wonderful dentist that even our 6 year old loves to go see. We feel very fortunate to live in a small town that has people like Dr. Rauk here to care for our growing family.

Cathleen Holmes

Since moving to Estes Park in 1999, I have been a patient of Dr. Rauk and his staff at Estes Park Dental. Their attention to my personal dental needs and concerns, and the restoration of my dental health, after a lifetime of grinding, to its current excellent condition has been a pleasant and wonderful experience. I recommend Estes Park Dental without reservations and will continue to be their patient as long as I live in Estes Park.

Ted Snyder