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At Estes Park Dental, we work as a team to provide patients with complete satisfaction – in service and clinical care. Dr. Rauk and all of us at Estes Park Dental have developed the kind of environment to help you feel cared for and comfortable. Our entire team is committed to treating you with compassion, empathy, and excellent care. Before your initial appointment, please download and complete registration forms.

Whether you need a small, tooth-colored filling or full-mouth reconstruction, Dr. Rauk can provide comprehensive restorative dentistry to restore optimal oral health. Patients should follow through with restorative dental care as recommended.

Tooth decay left untreated can spread to a neighboring tooth, cause internal tooth infection requiring a root canal treatment or extraction, or even cause infection to enter a person’s bloodstream. This correlation between a patient's oral and general health has been extensively studied in recent years. Oral disease can be a cause of heart disease and diabetes, among other systemic health problems. A cracked tooth can also break off when you least expect, creating intense pain and more serious dental problem requiring more extensive and costly treatment. You can avoid these dangerous issues by keeping regular checkups and cleanings, then following through with any necessary treatment.

Some patients need full-mouth reconstruction to address such issues as multiple missing teeth, damaged teeth, bite abnormalities, advanced gum disease, or inability to chew properly. Full-mouth reconstruction can include a combination of procedures, like dental implants, tooth bonding, veneers, fillings, crowns, dentures, and bridges.

Dr. Rauk will work with you to rebuild a healthy, beautiful smile that will serve you well for years to come. Learn about our restorative dental procedures here:

Located in the Aspenwood Professional Building at 600 S. St. Vrain in Estes Park, Dr. Rauk’s dental office serves patients from surrounding areas, including Pinewood, Glen Haven, and Allenspark.Give us a call today to schedule your initial visit.