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As a dentist with extensive experience in root canal treatments, Dr. Rauk relieves intense tooth pain caused by internal infection. In most situations, a complete root canal takes just one visit.

Why do I need a root canal?

If Dr. Rauk suggests root canal therapy, your tooth is internally infected or irreversibly inflamed. This may occur because of a deep cavity or fracture, which often results in a toothache. Inside a tooth, a sensitive nerve and blood vessels run through canals, bringing nutrients to and removing waste from the living tooth. This sterile area can become infected if bacteria reach the inner canals. Ultimately, the damaged nerve will die, but the tooth can often be saved if root canal treatment is performed.

What if I wait to get my root canal?

Your toothache will worsen as infection grows. The infection will cause an abscess, which is often painful and could reach your bloodstream and cause a more serious health problem.

Why do people think root canals are painful?

Modern technology and anesthesia have transformed patient comfort in all aspects of medical and dental care. Dr. Rauk uses precise instrumentation and digital X-rays to ensure precision treatment. He administers various levels of anesthesia and sedation, as well, so you can remain comfortable throughout any dental procedure – including a root canal.

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